Party Times

You choose the time!

FUNfORCE is able to perform events at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year!
FUNfORCE will only perform one event each day so there should not be any difficulty adjusting your booking time slightly should you need to. 

Please be aware that FUNfORCE will need to park its vehicle as close to the set up area as possible. The set up and pack down times are stated with the understanding that the vehicle can be parked no further than 10 metres from the set up area.
Because of the amount of equipment used upstairs venues are not possible. Because of the size and weight of equipment used there should be as few steps as possible between the parking place and the set up area.
A minimum set up and pack down time is required either side of the event.
This time will change if the parking slot is further than 10 metres from the set up area.

Please look at the descriptions of each individual advertised event for the length of times available and also the set up and pack down times.

If still not sure, give us a call.
Contact Graham Andrew on 07802-439654.

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