The FUNfORCE Caterer

The FUNfORCE Caterer has been devised to bring you
the ultimate party experience, allowing you to relax and
enjoy your child’s party whilst making sure the occasion
is really special! 
Our healthy menu is designed to appeal to even the fussiest
of children. 
It consists of many quality products, all of which
are brought 
to the party. 

On arrival at the party, our very own chef
will serve the 
children with drinks & biscuits.

The main eating time takes the form of a picnic, with the children sitting on
comfortable mats & 
blankets on the floor.
The children help themselves to their favourite food from the 

The FUNfORCE chef is on hand to assist with serving and entertaining the children.

There is also a tray of food and hot drinks included for the adults!

Included in the cost is a birthday cake and your entertainer will present it to the
birthday child during the party and make the event truly memorable!
£1 Party Bags are also included!

The idea of The FUNfORCE Caterer is to cut out all the hard work of preparing the party.
No trips to the supermarket, no preparation before the event,
no setting up on the day and no tidying up afterwards!
Allow us to do it all for you!
You really do not have to do or supply anything, just be there!



The FUNfORCE Caterer package includes the following:

pizzas / chicken pieces / sausage rolls / cocktail sausages

carrot sticks / cherry tomatoes / cheese chunks / cucumber slices / celery / peppers

cheese / ham / jam / egg / tuna

crisp selection / bread sticks / cheese straws / ritz crackers

apples / bananas / oranges / seedless grapes / strawberries / raisins / watermelon

fromage frais / fruit jelly / chocolate mini rolls / jaffa cakes / gingerbreads / shortbreads

orange juice, apple juice, orange squash, fruit squash & water will be served

a free tray of food and hot drinks will be available for approx. 10 grown ups!
Additional food for adults is available to order at a cost of £15 per tray!

THE FUNfORCE CATERER is available at £6:00 per child!
A minimum of 20 children must be paid for!
A £60 non refundable payment is required to book The FUNfORCE Caterer!

THE FUNfORCE CATERER must be the only provider of food at the event!
Every child (over 2 years old) present at the event must be paid for (including siblings)!

FUNfORCE reserves the right to omit any of the listed items due to the unavailability of supplies!
All food supplied is solely for consumption at the event. Any unconsumed products will be retained by FUNfORCE!



also includes a birthday cake, party bags & thank you notes!

The FUNfORCE Caterer supplies you with a birthday cake similar to the one shown here.
Our cakes have been artificially made!
Children think they are real!
They are solely for presentation and when a child goes to blow the candles out it does not matter how enthusiastically or unhygienically they exhale!
We have a chocolate cake already cut up in our coolers. Individual slices of cake are wrapped in serviettes and these are then handed out with the party bags!


.£1 Party Bag
(contains the following:)

Clear plastic party bag with silver tie
Round balloon
Double sided colouring picture
Pack of 4 colouring crayons
Packet of Bubble Magic
Bag of Haribo sweets
Lolly, Chocolate chunk, 4 x Sherbet straws
FUNfORCE business flyer



Thank You Notes

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