From September 1st 2011 – 15th November 2013 FUNfORCE was operating its services in the Middle East at “The Club” in Abu Dhabi. FUNfORCE has toured the United Arab Emirates many times over the last two decades and worked with The Club (formerly The British Club) to set up a joint programme of entertainment for members at this exclusive venue.

FUNfORCE would like to thank all concerned at The Club for giving us the opportunity to work overseas and have relished the chance of performing our programme to an International audience.

Graham Andrew travelled over to The Club in August to get the programme up and running. Below is the schedule of entertainers who then operated the FUNfORCE @ The Club programme:

Graham Andrew – August 2011 – September 2011.
James David – 8th September 2011 –  30th November 2011
Graham Andrew – December 2011 / January 2012
Chris Michael – 12th January 2012 – 11th April 2012
Graham Andrew – April/May/June 2012

Graham Andrew – August/September 2012
Kevin Manoka – 31st August 2012 – 20th November 2012
Darren Wray – 21st November 2012 – 10th December 2012
Jason Sneyd – 11th December 2012 onwards
Sarah Jane – 31st January 2013 – 27th March 2013
Jason Sneyd – 28th March 2013 – 28th June 2013
Helen Hartley – 1st June 2013 – 15th November 2013


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