To Book


These notes are designed to help you book a FUNfORCE event.

Firstly decide on the event you would like and the date you are looking for.
All availability can be found on this website:
Contact FUNfORCE via email, phone or text to double check the date is available.
FUNfORCE will now hold the date off for you for a stated time period (normally 7 days) to enable you to secure a venue.
Please note FUNfORCE uses a lot of equipment for its events so please make sure parking is available as close to the set up area as possible (within 10 metres). UPSTAIRS venues are NOT SUITABLE!
Please be aware that FUNfORCE requires a minimum set up and a pack down time either side of the party time. Please make sure you allow for this when booking the venue!
Once the venue is booked FUNfORCE will require the following information:

Your email address.
Your full name and address including post code.
Your contact telephone numbers including a mobile phone number.
(FUNfORCE may need to contact you on your mobile on the day of the party!)
The name of the venue and to confirm the start and finish time of the event.
Who the party is for and their date of birth.
The type of event you would like (IE any theme).

Once this information is received by FUNfORCE then a booking form will be forwarded to you by email.
Please check all details before the booking expires paying the stated non refundable payment by bank transfer. If you cannot pay by bank transfer then please contact FUNfORCE for an alternative payment method.

Please choose which PACKAGE you require for your event!
Make it clear whether you want to add PARTY BAGS or THE FUNfORCE CATERER to your booking!

Once you have made the payment, contact FUNfORCE to inform them.
FUNfORCE will then forward a confirmation email to you.
If you require invitations, tickets or posters make sure you email the details requested on the booking form and FUNfORCE will get them to you as soon as the non refundable payment is made!

Your event is now booked!
FUNfORCE will phone you 48 hours before the event to finalise any last minute details with you..
FUNfORCE will meet you at the venue at the required set up time!

The balance payment must be paid to FUNfORCE (in cash only) no later than 30 minutes after completion of the event.

I hope this information helps!

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