big jig gig t-shirt front & backFUNfORCE along with 231 volunteers completed the world’s largest commercial jigsaw puzzle in the 2016 summer holidays at Stimpsons Piece in Reepham.
The finished jigsaw was then displayed at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital for 4 weeks for all patients and visitors to enjoy.
It then spent one week in St. Michael’s Church in Reepham, then a few months in The Sidings Bar at The Whitwell & Reepham Station and now resides (in full display) in the lounge of Graham Andrew’s home. 

The project started on Sunday 14th August 2016 and was completed some 10 days later.
This included a 3 day visit to The Forum in Norwich where the public were invited to join in
and help assemble the puzzle.

wildlife - 33,600 pieces






This amazing project brought together so many volunteers from so many places both home and overseas who since have become great friends! There are plans underway for another epic adventure involving an even bigger jigsaw puzzle in the near future. However it is important that this is kept a secret for the time being until finalised. In the mean time we hope “Wildlife” an African Jungle, gives you as much pleasure viewing it as it did constructing it!

Graham Andrew. 


Monday 14th March 2016.
The Reepham Town Council has just agreed to waive the cost for hiring the Stimpson’s Piece Pavilion for the whole duration of the project. This is amazing and the first big step forward with the project. Thank you all so much for this wonderful offer!

Wednesday 16th March 2016.
The EDP has just released the big jig gig as a centre page spread today, pages 30 & 31.
Also on line: EDP – big jig gig
Special thanks go to Kathryn Cross and Steve Adams for their extremely quick work!

Wednesday 16th March 2016.
Brenda Gostling of Reepham Chamber of Commerce has to be thanked hugely not only for advice but for being the first person to donate and get the ball rolling!


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