FUNfORCE bookings and the virus

FUNfORCE is NOT currently performing ANY parties. This will continue until  social distancing laws are lifted. In recent years FUNfORCE has specialised in entertainment which encourages everyone to join in, playing together using lots of props and equipment. This is impossible under the current climate but hopefully things will change in the not so distant future and we are keen to get back to some kind of normality and start entertaining again. 

If you have a booking already made with FUNfORCE and you have made the 50% payment Do Not Worry! I will simply transfer your payment onto a future date. So if you want to look forward and book a date (even next year) go ahead. Just let me know and we can get things moving.

If you have a booking with FUNfORCE but you have not made the 50% payment then your booking will be released and you do not have to worry about doing anything else. If you wish to rebook at a later date, just contact me when you are ready. 

You are able to make future bookings at any time!
If you want to book in a future event then whatever happens your booking and payments will be safe. If your date cannot go ahead we will simply transfer your payment onto a future available date.

In the meantime, stay safe and remember phone calls and emails are the best way to stay in touch!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Graham Andrew on 07802-439654 / or email



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